Chris Paul Warns The Cavaliers Not To Take LeBron James For Granted

02.04.18 1 year ago

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The Cavaliers are in a tailspin having lost 12 of their last 18 games, including a disastrous 120-88 beating at the hands of the Rockets on Saturday night. Cleveland has looked non-competitive against the best teams in the NBA over the past month-plus with seven double-digit losses to teams in the top four of each conference. With a 28th ranked defense overall and an offense that has slipped to 23rd in the league over the past 15 games, the Cavs face a very difficult question with the trade deadline looming: Can they fix things by making trades?

Unlike previous years where you could see the single biggest problem with the Cavs’ roster that needed fixing, there are numerous issues with this year’s squad and pinpointing the biggest one is tricky. Key rotation players from previous seasons have regressed, the point guard position is something of a disaster and rim protection is almost non-existent. Because of that, Cleveland has been unwilling to part with their best asset in the Brooklyn 2018 first round pick in a deal as there isn’t one clear move that can make them a clear top contender again.

While understandable, the Cavs failure to make any moves to improve the team to this point is creating more tension with their top star LeBron James, which is not what Cleveland wants as he heads into unrestricted free agency this summer. Unlike last year when he was very vocal about what he wanted to see Cleveland add at the deadline, James has been quiet on that front, refusing to answer questions about the trade deadline and saying he’s not the GM.

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