LeBron Said ‘I’m Not A GM, I Don’t Make Those Calls’ When Asked If The Cavs Need To Make A Trade

02.04.18 1 year ago 2 Comments

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The Cavaliers are unraveling before our eyes. Saturday night’s 120-88 loss to the Rockets dropped Cleveland to 0-8 in their last eight nationally televised games and 6-12 over their last 18 games, putting them perilously close to losing home court in the first round.

The defense remains a disaster, ranking 28th in the NBA with a defensive rating of 109.4, which is barely better than the Kings and Suns. The Rockets’ loss highlighted the Cavs’ defensive woes on the national stage once again, with six players in double figures and 28 assists on 44 made baskets in the rout.

After the game, the questions persisted about whether Cleveland needed to make a change. The answer is obviously yes, but despite an endless supply of trade rumors, the Cavs have failed to do anything as we approach Thursday’s trade deadline. LeBron James was clearly dejected following the loss, noting he was at a “loss for words” and that the Cavs should be taken off of national television for the rest of the season.

LeBron, who has in the past not been shy in applying pressure to the front office to make a move, also refused to bite on a question about what the Cavs need to do as the deadline creeps ever closer.

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