Chris Paul Has A Radical Idea To Make The NBA All-Star Game More Competitive

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The 2017 NBA All-Star Game set an all-time scoring record, which led to fans, the media, coaches as well as current and former players to wonder if something should be done to make the game more competitive.

Reggie Miller ripped the attitude of millennials for being the problem with the game, while Jeff Van Gundy said they should just get rid of the game completely if no one is going to take it seriously. There were others with more constructive criticisms and thoughts, but one significant idea has come from Chris Paul, who has played in a number of All-Star games and also serves as the President of the NBA Player’s Association.

Adam Silver told ESPN’s Kevin Pelton that Paul has spoken with him about re-convening the CBA committee to see what they can do about improving the NBA All-Star Game. One of the ideas floated by Paul to make it more competitive is to have captains select players for teams like a game on the playground. Silver wouldn’t commit to that idea, but told Pelton that some changes were “likely.”

The NHL tried out the idea of having captain’s draft the All-Star teams, and it makes sense for the NBA considering that’s how teams get picked at most every playground, gym and park around the country. It would be interesting to see what kind of politics would go into the selections and the NBA could even turn it into a televised spectacle with the captains making picks on the first night of All-Star Weekend prior to practices.

I’m not sure how much that would change the competitive nature of the game, but it would at least be an interesting change that might bring a little more intrigue to see guys from both conferences playing together (and it could at times pit teammates against each other.