The Clippers And Bucks Wore ‘Enough’ Shirts After The Thousand Oaks Shooting


America’s latest mass shooting, in Thousand Oaks at a country music bar late Wednesday night, has drawn outrage and cries for change from across the country. This is what happens when gunmen take lives indiscriminately — we mourn, wonder if anything will change, and then move on with our lives now knowing that these things can happen anywhere and no one seems willing to do anything about it.

The NBA world has had its own tributes and offers of prayers, as well as some calls for change. Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, his own family a victim of gun violence, calls for gun control that’s yet to come no matter how bad the scale of these murders. Prior to Saturday’s game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks, we had another show of solidarity.

Both teams wore shirts that commemorated the lives lost earlier in the week. The Bucks posted photos of players warming up in the shirts, which say “ENOUGH” on the front and list the names of the victims of America’s latest mass shooting on the back.

A pregame message before Saturday’s contest was simple: We as Americans have had enough of this.

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers also offered strong support for gun control during his pregame meeting with the media on Saturday as well.

“I think it’s important to send messages and get things done,” Rivers said, in part. “I think that’s the only way we can make change right now, but it’s sad.”

The word “enough” seems to be the refrain a lot of people are gravitating toward after the shooting. On Thursday, the Los Angeles Kings and Minnesota Wild held up signs that said “enough” on them before a game in Los Angeles, the first after the shooting.

It seems reasonable to guess that LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers will have a similar tribute to the victims given James’ comments about the shooting on Twitter shortly after the news broke. But whether anything actually changes, whether we as a nation have actually had enough of waking up to the news of further gun violence, is still unclear.