These Incredible Customized Uniforms On ‘NBA 2K17’ Are A Fantastic Tribute To Craig Sager

Whenever someone talks about Craig Sager, one of the first things we hear is that the dude’s fashion sense was unparalleled. Sager, who passed away earlier this week, was known for wearing eye-catching suits whenever he would roam the sidelines during an NBA game on TNT.

We’ve seen plenty of people remember Sager’s clothing game – the Inside the NBA crew had a hilarious roundtable discussion about his suits, while some NBA teams wore Sager-inspired warm-ups before their games this week. Those warm-ups actually ended up leading to another tribute by an NBA 2k17 user who decided to make a special Sager-themed uniform.

The jerseys are almost a perfect replica of the tops teams have worn this week before games, with the only difference being that these have the sleeves cut off. They even have the quote “Time is simply how you live your life,” which Sager said during his moving speech at the ESPY Awards this past year, across the back. These also have special pairs of shorts which perfectly match the tops.

Going one step further, the user decided to make a Sager-themed court. It is yellow, black, and white with a picture of Sager at midcourt and the hashtag #SAGERSTRONG across both baselines. The court looks fantastic, and we all wish that some team was able to pull this off in real life.

The best part is that the user made these available for download. You can do that here.

(Via For the Win)