The D-League Rookie Of The Year Unleashed A Brutal Crossover On This Poor Little Kid

Here’s the latest installment of professional basketball players showing hapless children absolutely no mercy on the court. How are they supposed to get better, right? In the last week alone, we saw the oft-injured Joel Embiid swatting a young Sixers fan’s shot into the parking lot. That was followed up by Shaq’s son Shareef dunking on Jason William’s son Jaxon, who has a whole lot of game for his age but is at least two feet shorter than the younger O’Neal.

On Tuesday, D-League Rookie of the Year Quinn Cook added to the mayhem with a nasty crossover that sent this poor child flailing into viral infamy. The former Duke Blue Devil went un-drafted in 2015 but was a standout during his first season in the NBDL. A playground highlight like this against a severely over-matched opponent won’t do much for his NBA prospects, but at least it gets his name out there.

And to little kids everywhere who want to challenge much larger, more athletic opponents, here are a few things to keep in mind. 1) The internet exists. 2) It’s a cruel, cruel world out there. So think twice before you try to be a hero and instead end up as the viral sensation of the week.