The Mavs Have A Three-Player Leadership Council Who Asked Jason Kidd To Play All 15 Players Against The Rockets

The Dallas Mavericks took care of business on Tuesday night against the Houston Rockets. In a game that pitted a team with playoff aspirations against a squad in the midst of a gigantic rebuild, Dallas came out on top, 116-106, although Houston scrapped and made things about as interesting as they could.

The game featured a curious note: Mavericks coach Jason Kidd played all 15 players on the roster, with a handful of guys getting in for three or four minutes. It was a bit odd, and when asked after the game, Kidd claimed that this was not his idea. Instead, he claimed, he was approached by the team’s leadership council, which isn’t exactly a thing people knew existed before the game.

While the concept of a leadership council that tells the coach things might hint at internal strife, Luka Doncic explained after the game that this isn’t necessarily the case. He didn’t say who is involved, but he did say that he was of the belief that everyone the Mavs have could help.

Eventually, it came out that the council consists of Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis, and Tim Hardaway Jr.

It’s unclear what else the leadership council will do, but if playing all 15 guys ends up helping the team win more games, it must be a net positive.