Damian Lillard’s IG Story Sure Makes It Seem Like He Wants Kevin Durant In Portland

Kyrie Irving’s future in Brooklyn is unclear, which has led to plenty of folks wondering what the future might hold for Kevin Durant. There have been rumblings that Durant is keeping an eye on things while Irving’s contract talks with the Nets are sorted out, and if Irving does end up deciding to leave the team, it’s been speculated that Durant might start looking around, too.

Now, there is no guarantee any of this happens, but if Durant does hit the trade market, teams will almost certainly line up to acquire one of the 2-3 best players on earth as he enters year one of a four-year contract extension. And apparently, Damian Lillard would really like it if the Portland Trail Blazers were one of those teams, as he posted a picture of himself and Durant in Blazers jerseys on his Instagram Story.

Shortly after he posted this, Jusuf Nurkic — who is technically an unrestricted free agent but has been in Portland since 2017 and is close with Lillard — decided to post the exact same picture on his Twitter account.

Durant and Lillard teamed up in Tokyo last summer to lead the United States to Olympic gold. The Blazers famously had the chance to take Durant with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, but instead opted for Greg Oden.