Damian Lillard Explained Why Some Fans Will Never Accept The LeBron-Jordan Debate

08.30.17 7 months ago

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LeBron James will go down as one of the greatest NBA players of all-time, of that there is no doubt. That said, there’s plenty of debate about where he belongs on the top 10 list of NBA legends. There are some, like Charles Barkley, that think he still has work to do to even reach the top 5, namely in the winning department where his three rings are trumped by the likes of Kobe Bryant and others.

However, there are plenty that already put him near the top of that list and think it’s reasonable to at least have the conversation about him being better than Michael Jordan. Jeff Van Gundy is among those that has said the two are close, whether James wins another title or not, and as James continues his career and climbs more and more all-time lists, those arguments will only become more heated.

There could very well be a good argument for James over Jordan, but as Damian Lillard explained succinctly on Twitter, it probably won’t matter to fans that grew up idolizing Jordan how convincing James supporters are, no one will pass Jordan in their minds.

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