Damian Lillard Dressed As ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin As The Blazers Celebrated Halloween Early


The Portland Trail Blazers celebrated Halloween a bit early on Monday, and the result was some amazing pregame outfits before the Trail Blazers took on the Washington Wizards. Not only did Chappelle’s Show get a shout out, but Damian Lillard finally got to carry a championship around in Portland.

Teams try to have fun with Halloween, but the Trail Blazers upped the ante this year. Rather than wear costumes to a party where you can make some extremely petty cupcakes, Portland decided to wearing these outfits to the arena before a real game.

The highlight, of course, was Damian Lillard doing his best “Stone Cold” Steve Austin impression, complete with a mask, Austin 3:16 shirt and a Smoking Skull championship belt. The Blazers were so excited that they gave him his own Stone Cold entrance video.

The outfit really is incredible, and Lillard clearly studied Austin’s walk here, too. It certainly got Stone Cold himself’s attention, too.

Maurice Harkless may not have topped Lilllard in attitude, but he did steal our hearts by dressing up as Dave Chappelle’s drug-addled troublemaker Tyrone Biggums. The result is hilarious, and he includes his signature scratching the whole way to the locker room.

Seriously, he kept this up the entire walk. It’s also in the official photos the Blazers took on Monday.

Chappelle’s Show first aired in 2003 and went off the air more than a decade ago, but the impact is still obviously huge. It’s an instantly-recognizable reference to a classic show. Stone Cold might be the champ, but after this Harkless is clearly the Halloween GOAT.