DeMar DeRozan Says He And Kyle Lowry ‘Didn’t Say One Word’ To Each Other Their First Season

01.08.18 1 year ago

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DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry have one of the better bromances around the NBA. Unlike some superstar pairings that are purely business arrangements based on a common goal, Lowry and DeRozan appear to genuinely like one another. Take, for example, how they make plans to FaceTime after the game, how they’re always video-bombing one another’s interviews, making 3 a.m. McFlurry runs, or just getting silly on the JumboTron.

The two are inseparable now, and have been for some time, so much so that DeRozan was ready to leave the organization back in 2013 amid rumors that Lowry might be traded to the Knicks. But their relationship wasn’t always that close. In fact, things were downright frigid between them during their first season together.

DeRozan dropped by The Woj Pod with Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN recently and made a rather stunning revelation about their relationship after Lowry first joined the team in 2012 from Houston.

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