DeMarcus Cousins Dunked On Kevin Durant During Warriors Practice, Then Trolled Him On Instagram

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DeMarcus Cousins keeps taking positive steps forward as he works to make his debut for the Golden State Warriors. The last update we received was that Cousins practiced with the Warriors’ G League squad, an encouraging development as he tests the Achilles he injured last year as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Cousins is apparently back with the Dubs and practicing with the team. At the very least, he was at practice on Friday, where he took it upon himself to clown on Kevin Durant. The two played one-on-one against one another, and Cousins looked like he took some amount of pride in clowning his teammate. (A warning that there is gonna be some playfully NSFW language on the horizon.)

The game came to an end when Cousins put Durant on a poster, backing down the two-time defending NBA Finals MVP and throwing it down. In response, Durant laid on the ground for a second.

Dunking on Kevin Durant on the basketball court is worth celebrating, but Cousins was not done just because their game came to an end. After it was over, Cousins found Durant in the locker room and accused him of going onto social media and commenting that Cousins traveled on every post he could find, which is an absolutely brutal own.

Hopefully, Boogie isn’t too far away from doing this in games, because it is fun watching DeMarcus Cousins when he plays basketball. Until then, he’ll limit this stuff to practice, where he gets to clown on his teammates instead.

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