Dennis Smith Jr. Allegedly Had A Final Round Dunk Planned With J. Cole

02.21.18 1 year ago

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Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell won the 2018 Verizon Slam Dunk Contest after he put on an impressive display to top Larry Nance Jr. While it was far from an instant classic, Mitchell and Nance both provided quality dunks and a fair amount of innovation.

However, afterwards there was still some controversy regarding the scoring of Mavs rookie point guard Dennis Smith Jr.’s first dunk. Smith received a 39 for his first dunk, which was on his third attempt, and that score essentially kept him from the finals as he had arguably the dunk of the night on his second dunk with a perfect 50.

The issue was that Smith received a 39 for a made dunk when Victor Oladipo got a 31 for his first dunk when he never even succeeded in his three attempts. This rubbed many the wrong way, including ESPN’s Amin Elhassan, who went on Leverage The Chat’s Black Opinions Matter podcast on Monday and explained how the scoring of Smith’s first dunk kept us from getting a wild collaboration dunk in the final round.

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