DeShawn Stevenson Finally Explained Why He Has An ATM In His House

05.23.17 11 months ago

DeShawn Stevenson (IG)

Before Lance, there was another infamous basketball-playing Stevenson who made his mark on the NBA by being a general nuisance to LeBron James and engaging and all sorts of other quirky off-court behavior (and yes, we understand that Lance’s last name is spelled “Stephenson”).

During a playoff battle between the Cavs and Wizards in 2007, DeShawn Stevenson hilariously and precociously called LeBron overrated. Jay Z and Soulja Boy were then inexplicably brought into the mix and diss tracks inevitably ensued. The Cavs, of course, would go on to beat the Wizards for the third year in a row. Stevenson, however, would get his revenge when the Mavs stunned the Big 3 Heat in the 2011 Finals during their first season together.

After that, the beef was pretty much over, and Stevenson even said at the time that he’d consider joining LeBron in Miami, although that never ended up happening. But as alluded to before, Stevenson was also known for being a little on the eccentric side, and there was no better example of that than when the world discovered that he had an actual functioning ATM in his home.

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