The Dime Podcast Ep. 45: Talking SummerSlam, LeBron, And ‘The Meg’ With Dave Schilling

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Hello, friends, and welcome back to the Dime Pod. This week’s edition of the Dime Pod (subscribe: Omny, iTunes, Google, Stitcher) spends some time talking about all three of the most important things on earth: LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers, SummerSlam 2018, and above all, The Meg starring Jason Statham. To discuss all of this, Martin and Robby were joined by our pal Dave Schilling of Bleacher Report. Give Dave a follow on the Twitter machine @dave_schilling.

Here’s today’s episode of the podcast, with everything what you can expect to hear after the jump.

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Here’s a full overview of what the gang discusses this week:

  • Martin has a cold, but that’s not preventing us from podcasting with Dave Schilling
  • Dave, a Laker fan, recaps his hectic and eventful summer — the phrase “The House That Kobe Build” pops up
  • What should we expect out of the Lakers this season?
  • Martin explains how he is inconvenienced by Russell Westbrook
  • LeBron-Warriors V, only this time in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs
  • Previewing SummerSlam, especially TakeOver, which you should watch
  • Why is this dang pay-per-view so long?
  • A look inside the press area at WWE events
  • Robby liked The Meg, Dave did not, Martin wants to know about the latter
  • Liam Neeson has a movie coming out where he’s named Nels Coxman, which Dave did not know about.

And much, much more!