Dirk Nowitzki On Retirement: ‘Drinking, Eating Everything In Sight’

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Dirk Nowitzki’s NBA career coming to an end is a little sad, because Dirk is the man, but the good news is that he’s apparently using his newfound free time to do stuff he could never do when he was in the league. For example, he’s already come out and said that he’s eaten ice cream nearly every day since he retired, which is delightfully wholesome.

But ice cream isn’t the only food Dirk has decided to enjoy since his final game. Nowitzki recently threw out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game, and while there, he revealed that he’s engaged in a bit of hedonism over the last few months.

“It’s been everything I dreamed of, drinking, eating everything in sight,” Nowitzki said, per ESPN. “On vacation without really worrying about anything, about staying in shape. I’m going to start working out again and enjoying that. But as of now, I have zero motivation to go work out.”

To get the obvious out of the way, every retired athlete should very obviously enjoy retirement to this extent once they don’t have to worry about staying in shape. With Dirk specifically, it appears he is really enjoying retirement, to the extent that I really want someone to send him to a Golden Corral so we can test the limits of how much food and drink he can consume in one sitting. Hopefully these types of stories become a recurring thing, and once every month or so, we learn that Dirk attempted to eat a five-pound burrito on his own or something.