Doc Rivers Had Mixed Feelings When DeMarcus Cousins Joined The Warriors

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DeMarcus Cousins has missed nearly a full calendar year after tearing his achilles tendon last season when he was with the Pelicans. Quite a lot has happened since then. For instance, the Golden State Warriors won their second straight title. And if they weren’t already dominate enough, they added Cousins to the mix.

Cousins made his long-awaited debut with the Warriors on Friday night against the Clippers in Los Angeles, when Golden State could potentially trot out five All-Stars as their starting five, something that hasn’t happened in the NBA since the Celtics did it back in the 70s.

That’s right. Doc Rivers’ Clippers matched up against arguably the greatest starting five in league history. It’s a reality that isn’t lost on him. When asked about Boogie joining a team that already had an embarrassment of riches, Doc revealed that he had mixed feelings about the whole thing, alternating between being happy for Cousins in his new situation and trying to wrap his head around why one team should be allowed to amass so much talent.

The Clippers are currently seventh in the West, which means if they remain around the seventh or eighth spot by season’s end, they would likely face Golden State in the first round of the playoffs, a dubious reward for their efforts if there ever was one.

We won’t understand the full ramifications of Boogie’s addition to the Warriors until season’s end, but it’s also not a given that this is a long-term situation, as both he and Kevin Durant are set to hit free agency next summer. In the meantime, however, Doc and the rest of the coaches around the league face the impossible task of trying to game-plan against a lineup that is hilariously-lopsided no matter who they face.