Donovan Mitchell And Rudy Gobert Earned Hefty Fines For Criticizing Officials

As if they didn’t already feel disrespected enough this week, Jazz teammates Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert were the last two names selected in the All-Star Draft by Team LeBron and Team Durant. Inevitably, somebody has to get picked last in this, but it couldn’t have come a worse time for them.

Earlier this week, both Mitchell and Gobert let loose on the officiating crew after losing an overtime thriller to the Sixers on Wednesday night. Mitchell was ejected after receiving two quick technical fouls and had plenty to say after the game, as did Gobert, who went on a profanity-laced tirade that, among other things, implied that Utah does not get the sort of love that other teams do because they are in a small market.

As was expected, the league handed them both the requisite fines on Friday, with Mitchell and Gobert receiving $25,000 and $20,000 hits, respectively.

At 27-9 on the season, the Jazz still hold the league’s best record, despite dropping their last two games as they head into the All-Star break. Both Gobert and Mitchell will be in Atlanta on Sunday to participate in the scaled-down version of the NBA’s annual midseason festivities.