Drake Offered To Let Fred VanVleet Use ‘My Free Health Care’ To Replace His Missing Tooth

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The Toronto Raptors took care of business in Game 4 on Friday night at Oracle, and they have three chances to seal their first-ever NBA title in franchise history. But the win didn’t come easy, as the banged up and weary Warriors fought with everything they had from wire to wire.

Nobody came out of this one unscathed, particularly poor Fred VanVleet, who caught a nasty elbow to the face in the second half that got him bloodied and sent him to the locker room for seven stitches and left him missing one of his front teeth.

VanVleet would return to the bench after somehow making through that ordeal without sustaining a concussion, although he wouldn’t ultimately re-enter the game. Afterward, Drake used the opportunity to chime in and offered to let VanVleet use his Canadian healthcare for whatever procedure might be necessary to fix his tooth.

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Need my shit fixed asap?

A post shared by Fred VanVleet (@fredvanvleet) on Jun 7, 2019 at 9:44pm PDT


Maybe we’re just being nit-picky here, but we’re assuming VanVleet probably already has a pretty decent health insurance policy through the league or he has access to the country’s free healthcare as a Canadian citizen? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Drake is very much online at the moment that his team is on the cusp of winning an NBA championship and toppling the Warriors dynasty in the process.