Drake Showed Off His Shooting Range In A 1-On-1 Game With Tory Lanez

04.04.19 4 months ago

Getty Image

Drake’s love of basketball is far from a secret. The Toronto native is an ambassador for the Raptors, who just renamed their practice facility after his OVO brand, complete with giant gold and black owl branding on the side of the building.

Drake regularly references NBA players and teams in his verses, citing Warriors players shooting at his house among others, but he fancies himself a hooper as well. This has previously yielded some rather hilarious footage of Drake hoisting up an airball at Kentucky’s Midnight Madness, which is the lasting image for many of Drake’s basketball ability.

However, that was simply a very unfortunate mistake from Drake, not a complete indictment of his game and shooting ability as he further proved in a recent video posted of him giving Tory Lanez the business on the court. Drake’s handles might not be Kyrie Irving quality, but that jumper many have assumed as being suspect appears to have some life to it yet as he splashed in a pair of jumpers, including a deep three over Lanez.

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