Draymond Green Explains Why ‘It’s Disrespectful To Everybody’ For Him To Dwell On His Recent Woes

08.01.16 3 years ago

Perhaps you’ve heard about Draymond Green’s recent social media snafu. Perhaps you’ve even been brave enough to Google the image in question. We’re not here to judge. Even his USA Basketball teammates are giving him a, uh, hard time about it. A story like that was inevitably going to dominate the news cycle, especially during the summer doldrums.

For Green, it’s just the latest in long line of bad publicity that started with his Game 5 suspension during the Finals and was compounded by his recent arrest on assault charges. But he’s taking it all in stride. After all, as Green himself reminded everyone, he’s been extremely blessed otherwise. Via Michael Lee of The Vertical:

“I’m in a great position in my life,” Green said. “There’s so many things going on this world, that for me to sit and complain and say I can’t catch a break, I’m living my dream. And there’s so many people who struggle on a daily basis, that’s going through the struggle on a daily basis that, for me to sit here and say I can’t catch break because I was suspended a game in the Finals, or to say I can’t catch a break for this situation. I’m living my dream. I’m playing in the Olympics. To say I can’t catch a break, that’s disrespectful to everybody, because how many people get to live out their dream? I’m not going to sit here and throw myself a pity party. I’m fine. I get to joke around with these guys all day. Then get to go and do what I love for my country, I’m fine.”

He has a point, as the foreseeable future looks pretty bright. Green and Team USA are the overwhelming favorites to bring home the gold in Rio next month, and beyond that, his Golden State Warriors will embark on what promises to be an electrifying 2016-2017 campaign with new addition Kevin Durant in tow. So yeah, things could be a lot worse.

(The Vertical)

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