Draymond Green On The MAGA Insurrection At The Capitol: ‘They’re F*cking Terrorists’

In a late-night press conference after a loss to the Clippers, the perpetually forthright Draymond Green was asked about his thoughts on the difference between how justice was served to Jacob Blake, the victim of a police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, versus how it was served to the thousands of agitators who descended on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. Green took issue with even calling the latter group protestors.

“That’s not a protest, that’s a terrorist attack,” Green said.

He continued that comparing violent insurrectionists to people peacefully calling for justice during the social uprisings around the country this summer in response to the death of George Floyd is a false equivalency.

“They’re not f*cking protestors, they’re f*cking terrorists,” he said.

In a subsequent answer, Green called the differing responses to Blake’s shooting, which happened in front of his children on a residential street and left him partially paralyzed, and the insurrection at the Capitol on Wednesday, a “f*ck you to every Black person in America.”

“It’s almost like they want to show you that they have power and want to show you that I can say f*ck you and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Green continued.

Around the NBA on Wednesday night, many players, from Jaylen Brown to Giannis Antetokounmpo to Chris Paul, opened up about the fear that once again went through their heads this week as America showed the disparate treatment it shows people who occupy traditional social power (supporters of the president) and those who do not (people of color).