Draymond Green Had An Eventful Appearance On ‘Inside The NBA’ Friday Night

Inside the NBA rarely lets us down. On Thursday night, Charles Barkley and company treated us to a demonstration of his memory capacity (or lackthereof), and the results were just about what you’d expect. They were back at it again for Friday night’s busy slate of action, but this time with a special guest host on the panel.

Draymond Green joined the crew, and it didn’t take long before the fireworks started. The Warriors forward has something of a checkered history with Barkley, as the two have traded barbs in the media after Green expressed his displeasure with Barkley’s criticism.

During one of the opening segments, Barkley took a moment to discuss the late-game matchup between the Celtics and the Raptors, and in the process waxed philosophical about the general problem of having a big man on your team who can’t shoot and how that allows opposing defenses to cheat off of them.

That clearly hit a little too close to home for Draymond, who apparently read it as a direct criticism of his own play within the Warriors and didn’t waste any time before calling Barkley on it, leading to a wonderfully-awkward TV moment that was enough to make anyone squirm.

And he wasn’t finished there. Not by a long shot. When the subject of the red-hot Suns came up, Draymond came right out and called for Devin Booker to get out of Phoenix.

Of course, he didn’t miss that opportunity to use it as another roundabout shot at Chuck, who spent the better part of his career with the organization. But the absolute best part came toward the end, when Ernie asked him if he was tampering, to which he replied simply and honestly, “maybe.”

Whether the league will have something to say about it remains to be seen, but Draymond’s TNT appearance has been eventful, to say the least.