Draymond Green Once Said Something On ‘Inside The NBA’ That Made Nikola Jokic A Better Defender

In recent years, Draymond Green has ventured into the role of TV analyst, most often on TNT’s “Inside The NBA.”

On a recent episode of “The Draymond Green Show,” Green discussed that experience with Matt Barnes and how he’s grown in that role. Green shared a story from the time he heavily scrutinized Jokic’s defense during an appearance on “Inside The NBA” and the mistakes Jokic made during the first half of a game.

“I went at Jokic’s defense. I’m like, ‘If they’re gonna ever be a good team, he’s the backline of the defense, he has to be good defensively, ‘” Green said. “I showed four clips. Him not rotating over as the low man, him not moving, four clips. And I was very critical of him.”

The following year, Green said Jokic told him he saw the criticisms from that segment, agreed with the points Green made and believed he’s improved defensively.

“I said you’ve 100 percent gotten better. I’ve been watching you this year and you’ve 100 percent gotten better,” Green said. “That was a big moment for me because this TV thing is new (to me).”

Green’s cameos as an analyst are overwhelmingly a joy. He’s going to significantly enrich basketball fan’s knowledge of the sport whenever he embraces that world full-time after his playing days are over, even more than he does already.