Draymond Green Explained Why He Danced To ‘Whoop That Trick’ As The Grizzlies Annihilated The Warriors

Steph Curry talked a little trash before the Golden State Warriors traveled to Memphis to take on the Ja Morant-less Grizzlies with a chance to secure a series win in five games. Curry said the Warriors planned to go and “whoop that trick,” a reference to the Al Kapone song that is played during Grizzlies home games.

Instead, Memphis obliterated Golden State, leading by more than 50 points and ultimately picking up a 39-point win to send the series back to the west coast for Game 6. “Whoop That Trick” blared over the speakers at FedExForum during a timeout, which led to Curry smiling and laughing while Draymond Green danced and swung a towel around.

After the game, Green was asked why he celebrated despite things going poorly for the Warriors, and essentially said that he hates when people are “frontrunners” and only “embrace crowds when you’re winning.”

“They not gonna whoop that trick alone,” said Green, who hasn’t exactly gotten along with Grizzlies fans over the course of this series. “We gonna whoop that trick together if we’re gonna whoop that trick. One thing I don’t respect is people who only bring it when they’re winning, embrace crowds when you’re winning. We call those frontrunners, we’re not frontrunners. We got our ass kicked, that’s alright, it happens. But, you don’t be a frontrunner — when you spew it out, you gotta be willing to take it and not hide from it, not duck from it, not run from it. Embrace it.”