Draymond Green Was Just As ‘Shocked’ By Kevin Durant’s Decision As Everyone

07.19.16 3 years ago
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There may have been nobody more surprised than Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors this summer than one of his new teammates — and good friend — Draymond Green.

Green, who will also be playing with Durant at the Rio Olympics this Summer, recently spoke to The Vertical and opened up about his friendship with Durant, one that isn’t what he thinks most people make it out to be.

After Durant put pen to paper and joined Golden State, rumors surfaced that Russell Westbrook — his old running partner in Oklahoma City — was put off by Durant’s relationship with Green, especially when the two were facing off on opposite sides during the Western Conference Finals this year.

But, according to Green, the recruitment angle to their relationship was significantly overblown.

“Me and KD are friends,” Green told The Vertical. “People making it seem like I texted him every day like, ‘Yo, we want you to come to the Warriors!’ I text him, he texts me, like, ‘What’s up? How you doing?’

“A lot of times, people forget we’re human. We go through a lot of the same stuff when it comes to dealing with everything, so sometimes, it’s just good to hear from a brother who is going through some stuff, like, ‘How are you doing with this? How are you dealing with that?’ It’s refreshing. So I think, more than anything … people are like, ‘He’s calling KD during the season, they’re recruiting him.’ For what? No need to do that. We’re friends! I never thought it was a problem being someone’s friend. But that’s what people are making it out to be. At this point, it don’t even matter anymore … obviously.”

Despite his friendship with Durant, Green still didn’t expect the former Thunder forward to choose the Warriors in free agency, even when his list kept narrowing down.

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