Draymond Green Vows Revenge On JaVale McGee For His Blanket Stunt

In case you missed it, JaVale McGee played a hilarious prank on Draymond Green earlier this week when he gave the entire team blankets emblazoned with Green’s sleeping, mouth-breathing face on them. Never one to let a slight go unchecked, Green vowed publicly on “The Jump” with Rachel Nichols to exact revenge on the Shaqtin’ A Fool legend. Via ESPN.com:

“My response is, it’s war,” Green said. “I already know when I do whatever I’m gonna do – I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet – but when I do it, all these guys are gonna tell me ‘Draymond, you went too far. You did too much.’ But he started this. I don’t know if I’ll finish it because he may wanna come back after I do whatever I’m gonna do, but the next hit is gonna be strong.”

It’s all in good fun, but we can’t wait to see what Green has in store. McGee is such an easy target in so many different ways that the possibilities are virtually endless, and Green is just vindictive enough to really make it sting. Just to be safe, McGee might be wise to invest in a protective cup that he can wear at all times.


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