Draymond Green Trolled LeBron At The Warriors’ Parade Again In An ‘Arthur’ Fist Shirt

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For the second straight year, and third out of the last four, the Golden State Warriors are enjoying a championship parade in Oakland. After sweeping the Cavaliers, Golden State’s celebration in Cleveland was a bit more subdued than the jubilation of 2015 or 2017 — the first being that of a first title and last year being that of redemption.

This year, they did what they were supposed to do and their greatest test came in the Western Conference Finals rather than the NBA Finals. Even so, Tuesday morning was still a time for celebrating their achievement in style and for Draymond Green that meant another opportunity to have some fun with LeBron James.

Last year, Green trolled the Cavs by wearing a shirt that said “Quickie,” a play on Quicken Loans Arena where Cleveland plays. Green admitted he wore the shirt because he’s petty and the Cavs spent a full year living it up with 3-1 jokes, so it comes as no surprise that this year’s shirt choice from Green is another jab at the Cavs and LeBron.

Green rocked a custom Arthur fist meme shirt that features three championship rings, an obvious call back to the tremendous drama that surrounded the Cavs earlier in the season when LeBron cryptically posted the meme to Instagram causing the internet to wonder what he was upset about. For awhile, the Arthur fist was an unofficial rallying cry for the Cavs, but it also was a constant target of mockery by other teams around the league.

It’s no surprise Draymond brought it back for the parade because he’s petty and proud.