Enjoy This Incredible Supercut Of Every Perfect Jam In History Of The NBA Slam Dunk Contest

02.16.16 2 years ago

It’s safe to say, after the events of Saturday night, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest is officially back. Thanks to the herculean efforts of Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine, the Dunk Contest has once again become the highlight of All-Star weekend.

Whether or not you think the 2016 version was the greatest of all-time (it totally was), you have to appreciate the fact that Gordon and LaVine put on a show of unbelievable creativity and athleticism. But as great as the two young studs were on Saturday night, do any of their dunks register as the best ever?

Now, thanks to YouTube user Rabit, you can judge for yourself. In one convenient supercut, he has put together every single “perfect” jam in contest history. From Julius Erving in 1984 to LaVine and Gordon on Saturday evening, there have been a total of 63 dunks from 28 unique individuals that have received a perfect score from the judges, and they’re all together in this mesmerizing video.

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