Eddy Curry “Down 50 Lbs.” But No One Believes It

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New York fans don’t trust their team. It’s not just the years spent under Isiah/James Dolan‘s reign of terror. It’s everything – the conspiracy theory that their best player in the last thirty years landed in NYC via a rigged lottery, the Frederic Weis incident, the false promise of Antonio McDyess-as-the-next-Charles Barkley, and even Allan Houston looking like the guy from Lost who doesn’t age.

But we didn’t realize that the rampant distrust reaches all levels of the organization.

Well, we don’t really blame the Knicks’ management for being skeptical about this one. They’re hearing that Eddy Curry has dropped 50 pounds off of his jelly sandwich frame thank to a strict diet and workout program. But before jumping up and down about Curry’s improved shape, and then calling every GM (and his mother) in the League to see who might be interested in his services, the Knicks are bringing Curry to the Vegas summer league. No, they’re not asking him to play. They just want to see the improvement in person.

“They want to see what he looks like,” Powell told Newsday. “They want to see him get up and down with the summer league team and practice.”

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m optimistic. Curry’s highly-structured summer was overseen by the one and only William “Worldwide Wes” Wesley. That dude’s name goes hand-in-hand with results.

And that’s why the Knicks worked with Curry’s current agent, Leon Rose, and ubiquitous basketball attaché William “Worldwide Wes” Wesley, to oversee a focused offseason program this summer. They set up shop at Oakland University, near Wesley’s home in West Broomfield, Mich.

[Strength & Conditioning guru Tommy] Weatherspoon arranged all of Curry’s meals and conditioning regimen. And when his weight was down to a manageable number and his knee issues, which have limited him to a total of 62 games during the last two seasons, had finally subsided, Powell began to work with Curry, scheduling two workouts per day from June 11 until July 3.

We’ll be on the lookout for a slender Eddy Curry at the Summer league today.

Source: Newsday

Thanks to Bron42, who really did have springs before Slamball for the tip.

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