Enes Kanter Was Live On Persicope When He Got Traded To The Knicks For Carmelo Anthony

09.23.17 1 year ago 4 Comments

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Enes Kanter‘s connection to Oklahoma City and the Thunder was magnified this week when Kevin Durant accidentally used his verified Twitter account to trash the Thunder and coach Billy Donovan. Durant ripped on his old squad as he was justifying his departure from Oklahoma City and his decision to play for and win a title with the Golden State Warriors.

Kanter was one of the most vocal defenders of the Thunder, calling the team and the city his “family.” His words drew praise from many in Oklahoma City, including a young fan who thanked him on video.

That’s what made it especially disheartening for some when Kanter was abruptly traded to the New York Knicks on Saturday. The blockbuster trade was a shock in a variety of ways, the first of which is that for the second time this offseason the Thunder swooped in at the last minute to make a huge deal.

The second is that Kanter clearly loved OKC and was getting shipped out of town. In fact, Kanter was broadcasting a visit with some young Thunder fans when word came down that he was traded.

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