ESPN Inexplicably Left MVP Steph Curry Off This Graphic Of The NBA’s Elite Point Guards


Let’s take a look at this graphic filled with elite point guards for a second. We got Damian Lillard, John Wall, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, Isaiah Thomas, Kemba Walker and Jeff Teague.

That’s such a great list; although, I can’t help but notice that someone is missing. Oh, it’s league MVP Steph Curry! This is just blasphemous, who is working in the graphics department, LeBron James?

I get it Golden State lost the championship, but still. They broke a ton of records this past season and it took multiple heroic efforts by the Cavs to bring them down, losing Game 7 by seconds. And one more time, this is the first ever unanimous league MVP!

Leaving Steph Curry off a list of today’s elite point guards is like leaving Michael Jordan off your NBA Mount Rushmore. How do you miss that?

I know this graphic was only created to make a point about the draft, but if I were Steph Curry I would be salty. I would print this and use it all summer for motivation. The Warriors lost their chance to add some championship hardware to their 73-win season, but as the MVP and the leader of the best regular season team of all time, you’d think he’d at least of made it over Kemba Walker and Jeff Teague.