Relive The NBA Finals’ Thrilling Game 7 With This Awesome Mini-Movie Featuring Bill Russell

So Game 7 of the NBA Finals was pretty great, don’t you agree? If you somehow managed to avoid what happened, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors, 93-89. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were brilliant, as was Draymond Green, and we got the perfect ending to one of the most entertaining Finals ever.

Whether you missed the game, or whether you just want to watch a condensed version of it, we implore you to check out this mini-movie released by the NBA. It features a few highlights from the game, obviously, but even more interesting is the collection of clips from before and after the matchup tipped off. The video starts with Bill Russell discussing the importance of a Game 7, and somehow, it doesn’t peak at that point.

It then transitions into both teams showing up at the arena, a collection of highlights from the final 48 minutes of the NBA’s 2015-16 season, and a portion of the Cavaliers’ celebration. There are a lot of tears, a lot of champagne, and a Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy-shaped puzzle that the team completed with a piece the shape of Ohio to signify that they won a title.

Definitely take six and a half minutes and watch this. An NBA Finals Game 7 deserves an excellent video recapping what happened, and this definitely lived up to that standard.

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