Evan Turner Has Some Scorching Hot Takes On Condiments

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Some people who dislike mayonnaise take pride in how much they are revolted by the condiment. Apparently, Evan Turner hates mayo so much that it impacts his ability to like any other white condiment.

Turner – who is know for having unique opinions on things and also for getting a ton of money from the Portland Trail Blazers last offseason – discussed his feelings on mayonnaise with The Oregonian. Turner was going through his pre-game meal when we got this gem out of him.

But on game days, he forces himself to eat healthy, and that means the same meal every time: Chicken breast, broccoli, asparagus or corn, and potatoes. It has to be plain, without sauces on top, the foods cannot touch and there better not be a white condiment in sight.

“I don’t mess with mayonnaise,” Turner said. “I don’t trust white condiments. I just don’t feel it. I don’t even like looking at them.”

So let’s give Turner a little credit, because chicken breast/veggie/potatoes is a very healthy and sensible meal, especially for a professional athlete before a game.

Now, we need to address the white condiments thing. Not messing with mayo is perfectly fine, but I need to know what sequence of events led to Turner’s broad distrust of white condiments. Does he just think they all taste bad? Did he just have one (probably mayo) that he did not like and assume that all white condiments – from mayonnaise to horseradish sauce to tzatziki to the white sauce that you get at halal carts that tastes like heaven – taste exactly the same? Did a white condiment lie to him? Can condiments lie?

Evan Turner if you are reading this please elaborate on how someone can build up a distrust to white condiments. Also, if there are any other food items you do not trust, let us know. We are here for you.

(Via The Oregonian)