‘Fallout 76’ Will Feature Real Life Locations In West Virginia


You ever play a video game based on a place in real life and wonder how it matches up? Fallout 76 is going to give you the chance to do just that. The state of West Virginia is well aware of how popular the Fallout series is, and just like everybody else, they’re excited for the release of the upcoming game. They also know that, since the game will be based on real locations in their state, curious fans will want to find those locations.

That’s why West Virginia and Bethesda have been working together to make a map, one that will show fans the real locations that are in the game and give them all a chance to visit.

There’s absolutely no downside for West Virginia or Bethesda in doing this. People love seeing the things they enjoy in video games come to life. Fans that enjoy it enough might visit West Virginia, anyway, to try and find it on their own. Having a map readily available will keep fans from getting lost in a place they’ve never been before, and of course, this helps out tourism in the West Virginia, too.

Bethesda has always used Fallout’s popularity to create press for themselves in unique ways. They already partnered with the Philadelphia 76ers and Xbox to create a custom Fallout themed Xbox One, now they’re working with a dang state on a promotion. Even if Fallout 76 doesn’t end up as the best Fallout game, it will certainly be one of their best marketed.