This Resourceful Fan Conned His Way Into Game 7 With A Very Fake Credential

Tickets to Game 7 of the NBA Finals were not only hard to come by; they cost about the same as the average American’s annual income. But that didn’t stop one enterprising fan from circumventing these obstacles (and probably more than a few laws) to find his way into the game. Micah Poag, a University of Texas student and a diehard Warriors fan, simply Googled press credentials, then stayed up all night before the game forging one of his own. Via Leslie Horn of Vocativ:

“I’m pretty good with Photoshop, so Friday night I went ahead and bought a plane ticket with the idea that I’d go to this game and make a press pass and see if it would work,” Poag said. “Saturday morning I woke up and made this press pass and spent so much time on it I almost missed my flight.”

The real kicker is that it looks nothing like normal media credentials. But hey, it was obviously good enough to fool multiple arena personnel, form following function and all that. Poag wasn’t able to take advantage of the full press scrum experience, however, as his one fatal flaw was neglecting to make his pass all-access. He’ll have to keep that in mind for next time.