The NBA 2K League Will Hold A Tournament Where Fans Could Take On Pros For Money

While the NBA is on hiatus, the league is tapping into its growing 2K League to engage everyone yearning for basketball. The latest effort includes a three-on-three tournament called the NBA 2KL Three For All Showdown, in which fan-organized teams can compete with 2K players and social media influencers to win up to $25,000.

From March 27-29, 32 teams made up entirely of fans will compete in separate PS4 and XBOX brackets. After that, from March 31 through April 3, a group including “NBA 2K League players, top female 2K players, social media influencers, and the top performing teams from the fan bracket” will square off, according to a release. Teams will again be split based on gaming system, and matchups will be best-of-three. The final round will be best-of-five.

Most importantly, fans will have the chance to win money based on how far they get in the bracket. The fan team that gets the furthest in the second round will be eligible for up to $5,500 — a nice $500 for winning the fan-only bracket for either console, then up to $5,000 for advancing the furthest of the fan teams in the second round. Second-place prizes descend below that.

For professional NBA 2K League teams, the competition could net up to $3,500. The highest-placing 2KL teams in each console’s bracket will get $3,500, with another $1,000 going to second-place finishers.

Anyone interested in competing can sign up here, starting Monday.