Forget Cap Space, Push The LeBron Button

06.14.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

I’m from New York, and I’m as sick of it as you are. I am not even sure that if Jesus was part of the 2010 free agent class he would get as much attention as LeBron (even though he’d still get a max-contract). Still, there are some pretty creative efforts going on around the country to bring LBJ to a city near you. First stop, New York.

Mayor Bloomberg is well aware of the value that LeBron would bring to NYC if he were to join the Knicks. Because of this, he has launched New York City’s “C’mon LeBron” campaign. We showed you the video a couple of weeks ago and I am still deciding which appears more desperate: Bloomberg’s “C’Mon LeBron” video or the Nets’ “All New” campaign.

Still the “C’mon LeBron” campaign has incorporated a pretty cool feature recently: the #NY<3LEBRON movement, inspired by Jason and Corey Grant, 12-year-old twins living and playing basketball in the Bronx who wanted to do something special to get LeBron to play for the Knicks. The movement’s home is on the website

The main feature of the site is the LeBron Button. One can “press” the button three different ways: 1) Pushing the button on the website; 2) Sending out a tweet with the #NY<3LEBRON hashtag; and 3) Physically pushing the LeBron Button in 5 locations across the city, including West 4th Street, Juniors, Fairway, Riverside Church and Jordan’s in Grand Central.

While the vote numbers are certainly distorted with no limit on the number of times one can press the button, it will be interesting to see just how far this campaign goes. Although the social media aspects of the campaign will allow more people to participate in the campaign, the tangible LeBron Button at five locations across the city is the most interesting aspect. Assuming this campaign takes off (the total tweets and button presses count has increased dramatically since I began this post), look for these buttons to become serious attractions across NYC – especially since Bloomberg incorporated this already on his site. If Bloomberg really gets behind this, then look for a new portion of Times Square to be blocked off for the installation of a button.

What do you think? What would you do to get LeBron on the Knicks?

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