The G League Is Adding $125,000 Contracts In Hopes That Elite Prospects Skip College

10.18.18 9 months ago


The NBA will lower its age limit and effectively get rid of the one-and-done rule by the 2022 NBA Draft, but for top prospects looking to get paid immediately, they’re creating a new alternative to college basketball.

The G League has always been there if a player wants to take that route, but the small contracts (often in the $35,000 range) aren’t all that enticing, and as we’ve learned in this latest FBI investigation into college hoops, are sometimes not even what these prospects are getting under the table from sneaker companies and the colleges. So, how can the NBA make the G League a more viable minor league and attract top talent? Well, that’s simple: Money.

Now, that’s exactly what they’re doing. A new program that will launch next year will give G League teams the opportunity to offer “Select Contracts” to top prospects that are 18-years-old and high school graduates. These contracts will be worth $125,000, a significant increase over the standard G League contract, and allow them to also sign with an agent, profit off their likeness, and more.

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