Gabrielle Union Told The Story Of The Time She Took Michael Jordan To A Pride Party

Gabrielle Union has been around basketball players for a lot longer than many people might think. Union is married to Dwyane Wade, of course, but she’s also close with the last generation of NBA stars as well.

Union appeared on the YouTube series Hot Ones to try some hot wings and tell some stories, including a pretty hilarious one about Michael Jordan getting “categorically ignored” as one of her guests at a public event.

The actress and Milli Vanilli impersonator told a story about how she took Jordan and Charles Oakley to a pride party once. This came on the heels of Union saying that Oakley is a great cook and that he should have his own statue outside of Madison Square Garden.

“One night, years ago, I was hosting a Pride party,” Union said. “It was a white party for some of the most gorgeous, empowered lesbians on the planet. And I had been day drinking with Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley, and I was like, ‘You guys should come. I bet you guys are going to be a huge hit, everyone’s gonna love you.”

Union said the reaction to Jordan and Oakley, was exactly the opposite. In fact, no one cared they were even there.

“I’ve never seen Michael Jordan more categorically ignored, ever in life,” Union said.

If Jordan was truly ignored, that must have been a relief for him to go about his business and not get swamped by autograph requests like he must get everywhere else on the planet. Unless he likes that kind of stuff, then sorry, Mike.

Anyway, Union also told a great story about how it was LeBron James, not herself, that got Wade to diversify his diet as well.

“Literally, my husband did not eat anything green or any seafood, like at all, for the bulk of our marriage. And then Bron comes,” Union said. “And suddenly he’s like, ‘I love sea bass. I’ve always loved sea bass.’ No, no. No, no. You didn’t. You didn’t love sea bass. Like, where did you even hear of sea bass? And he was like ‘Bron, he made me eat sea bass, and I love it now.'”

Union is great here and the full video is worth watching, especially if you like wings. And great NBA stories. There’s even a bit of banana boat talk that’s worth your time, as is the case with all stories about the banana boat.