Even Gabrielle Union Has A Hot Take On The ‘Sports Illustrated’ NBA Player Rankings

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Quite a few members of the NBA community have expressed negative sentiment toward various top-100 lists this week and it is easy to see why. Most professional athletes have a competitive spirit that drives them to believe in themselves more than an outsider would and, beyond that, there has been an ever-increasing divide between what some players value on the floor and what pundits (especially those driven by statistical analysis) see and believe.

Sometimes, though, the rankings debates can still be fun and Gabrielle Union injected some amusement into the proceedings on Thursday. In reference Sports Illustrated‘s Top 100 list and, presumably, her husband Dwyane Wade’s ranking of No. 74, Union decided to change the conversation.

Union managed to get the RINGZZZ comment into the mix while also providing some levity with the other portion of her comment.

There has been plenty of debate about how good Wade actually is at this juncture and, frankly, he might not be in Chicago for much longer with free reign to create for himself on the offensive end. That wasn’t what this was about, though, which was a refreshing change, even if it is safe to assume that Union doesn’t agree with SI‘s assessment of her husband’s play.

At the end of the day, top-100 lists exist for the simple ability to produce arguments and controversy and this week’s versions have succeeded. This was still fun.