Blazers Guard CJ McCollum Suggests That Players Make Their Own Rankings Of The Media

09.13.17 5 months ago

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As the NBA season approaches we’ve reached a familiar part of the preseason process: media outlets rank the best players in the NBA, and players get mad about where they are on the list.

It’s a tried and true method of filling some space in the early fall, and the reactions are always there. Carmelo Anthony, for example, fell more than 30 spots in ESPN’s list this year, and he wasn’t happy about it. Neither was Kevin Durant, who got mad on his behalf.

Players stick up for each other when things like this happen because though these lists are completely arbitrary, they can hurt nonetheless. But Portland TrailBlazers guard CJ McCollum suggested a way to combat these kind of lists directly. He took to Twitter on Tuesday night to suggest that players make some lists of their own.

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