A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Started A Petition To Get Thunder Big Man Steven Adams On The Show

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Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams shaved his face on Wednesday and everyone had the same basic reaction to it. Our Konata Edwards said Adams is a “cameo candidate as a wildling” and my joke was that it looked like he was headed north to fight off the Wights.

The point is, his long hair and clear ability to wear fur means he’s a prime candidate for a Game of Thrones cameo. And lots of people agreed, which is why by Thursday evening an online petition was circulating to get Adams on the HBO mega-series. A Change.org petition is gaining signatures as you read, and you can do your part by checking it out here.

The description of the petition really does say it all: “This man deserves to represent the Dothraki people.”

The prerequisite for sports star to appear on the HBO drama is 1) Be tall and, 2) Have lots of hair. So it appears Adams is a perfect candidate. That also means Aaron Rodgers should start growing his hair out before the final season’s second half starts filming.

If Adams actually makes it on the show it won’t be the first time an athlete got some run, but it would certainly be an accomplishment for the unique cross-section of Thunder and Game of Thrones fans. The show has enough ground to cover in its final few episodes, but considering that they managed to fit Noah Syndergaard into an episode [SPOILER ALERT] right before the Lannister army got roasted by a dragon, anything is possible.

There’s a pretty good chance that Syndergaard is toast, though, so maybe if Adams makes it on the show he can have a more forgiving cameo.