This Mix Of Gerald Green Jams Will Keep Your Mouth Watery Before NBA Action Returns

If you are looking for a basketball fix this summer, whilst the NBA is in its offseason, you have a couple options. You could watch the Rio Olympics and take in the United States beating up on countries like Venezuela by a million points. Or, conversely, you could watch this highlight reel of Gerald Green dunks.

The video is pretty lengthy, and features a lot of clips of Green doing what he does best, which is dunking. There are in-game dunks where he’s posterizing dudes and completing crazy lobs. There are clips of Green throwing it down during dunk contests, although the birthday candle dunk seems to be missing. There is also one clip of Green at practice just jumping as high as he can and trying to get his head above the rim. It’s not quite a dunk, but it is still impressive.

For dunk enthusiasts, this video should help tide you over until NBA games begin again. It’s also a reminder of just how many teams Green has played for. He is not a player who has found a long-term home in the league, and that’s not even including the time he has spent in the D-League and overseas. It’s a reminder that as cool as dunking is, there is more to being an NBA player.

Still, dunks are awesome.