Gerald Green Ruthlessly Dunked On An Unsuspecting Mason Plumlee

Every couple of months, Gerald Green reminds us that he is one of the most feared dunkers in the NBA. Sure, he’s 31 and has been playing basketball professionally since 2005, but when Green is able to get a little start, he’s still able to just destroy dudes.

For example, here is Mason Plumlee, a solid basketball player who is pretty good at securing rebounds. After Terry Rozier missed a shot, Plumlee obviously believed he was going to just leap into the air, grab the ball with two hands, and get his team going on offense.

Instead, Plumlee found himself on a poster that no one wants to be on. Green soared through the air and Plumlee had zero idea what was happening. Once Green saw the ball was going to hit off the rim, he got some momentum and elevated, grabbing it with two hands and throwing down with authority much to the chagrin of Plumlee.

Look at where Green’s head is on this one. He has been playing professional basketball since 2005 and he still has this bounce.

Bless you forever, Gerald Green. Hopefully when he’s 70 and he’s going to rec centers to shoot around, someone brings a video camera, because we cannot wait to watch as 70 year old Gerald Green dunks on people. As for Plumlee, well, better luck next time.