Gerald Green Gave Us Our Annual Reminder That He Can Fly With This Huge Alley-Oop

Gerald Green has always been known, first and foremost, as a dunker. The now 30-year-old swingman is now a pure role player on the Boston Celtics, but on Tuesday evening, Green reminded the NBA world that he can still elevate to an extent few can match.

Green hooked up with All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas on a beautiful alley-oop during the fourth quarter against the Toronto Raptors and it was a highly impressive athletic display. Green effectively did a chin-up on the rim while completing the dunk in the half-court and he seemed to still be rising while throwing the dunk through the rim. Toronto’s best player, Kyle Lowry, was victimized with the back-door cut that freed Green and, by the time he recovered, it was far too late.

The 2007 Dunk Contest, which Green won decisively, seems like a long time ago. This type of explosive play conjures several memories of high-flying exhibitions in the past from Green, and given that this particular explosion took place during the fourth quarter in a game against an Eastern Conference rival, it was very important as well. Gerald Green probably isn’t going to suddenly be a starting-level player in the NBA again, but his athleticism remains and this was a jaw-dropping prompt.