Grayson Allen Was Up To His Old Tricks Again On This Questionable Play Against UNC

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Grayson Allen has made quite a name for himself during his college basketball career. He’s perhaps most innocuously known as being Sen. Ted Cruz’s youthful doppelganger. On the basketball court, it’s something far more sinister.

The Duke senior has been accused on multiple occasions of being a dirty player who intentionally tries to injure his opponents, and the well-documented video evidence that has piled up against him certainly won’t help him plead his case.

Last season, the Blue Devils suspended Allen indefinitely for repeatedly tripping his opponents, which coincided with an epic temper tantrum on the sidelines that warmed the hearts of his detractors around the country. And just when you thought Allen might finally make it through tournament play without incident, he was back at it again on Friday night during the ACC semifinals against rival North Carolina.

This, like many of his infractions, is pretty much indefensible. When Allen feels the opponent behind, it’s difficult not to see that he intentionally juts his hips in his direction, causing him to lose balance and fall to the court, which obviously could result in serious injury.

As with the controversy surrounding Zaza Pachulia’s similar antics, the question of intent is pretty much irrelevant at this point, given the recurring nature of the offenses. Perhaps Michelle Beadle was correct last year when she said Allen won’t learn until someone says enough is enough and takes matters into their own hands.