Michelle Beadle Thinks Someone Needs To Say ‘Enough Is Enough’ And Knock Grayson Allen Out

It’s no secret that Duke’s Grayson Allen is probably the most hated college basketball player in America right now. According to Michelle Beadle of ESPN someone needs to do something about this and knock the Blue Devils’ guard out.

“What have I said?” Beadle asked her colleagues on SportsNation. “Knock. Him. Out. Enough is enough, I don’t need him to be punished, I don’t need mommy and daddy to step in. I need an opponent to say ‘enough.’”

Allen has been in the headlines this year, not for his play, but for repeated on-court incidents. While his play has been solid (he’s averaging 15.7 points per game for the Blue Devils), Allen has tripped an opponent, kicked an opponent below the belt, and pushed an opposing coach after he flew into the Florida State bench. The tripping was the biggest story of them all, as Allen got suspended for the incident, largely because he got in trouble several times for tripping opponents last year.

Now, gonna state the obvious for a second: it is bad that an ESPN employee was advocating for someone knocking an athlete out, so this is a really bad look for Beadle. It also ended up being a somewhat prescient quote, as Allen took a shot to the face during Duke’s game against Louisville on Saturday. It wasn’t a full-blown punch capable of knocking him out, but rather a shot to the face.

ESPN will send College GameDay there next week for the Blue Devils’ showdown with ACC foe Miami, and odds are there will be some discussion about Allen’s on-court behavior. Let’s just hope that no one says he needs to get knocked out, because that’s the wrong way to handle this situation.