Grayson Allen Is Now Channeling Draymond Green With This Flailing Nut Shot

Duke had a basketball game on Saturday, which means Grayson Allen may have used his leg to intentionally get a piece of an opponent. Allen, who has come under fire for tripping opposing players during games, looked like he kicked a Boston College player in the nuts.

Connar Tava, a veteran forward for the Eagles, set a screen on Allen. The Duke guard didn’t look like he saw it coming, and after he ran into Tava, he flailed forward while shooting his left leg up into the air. It hit Tava in the groin area, but not hard enough that he had to stop playing.

It’s totally plausible that Allen slipped and his leg just happened to shoot up in their air. His history of bad behavior on the court involves tripping opponents, so it would be a bit of a surprise to go from tripping people to kicking them in the crotch. This is especially true because Allen was suspended for one game for tripping earlier this season, so to do this intentionally after getting punished would be really messed up.

But Allen has kind of lost the benefit of the doubt for whenever his lower body makes contact with opponents. He could use the Draymond Green “I just can’t control my body in the air” argument, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone would believe that. Allen is a really great basketball player, so it’s a shame this nonsense gets so much attention. Please stop kicking people, Grayson.