Greg Monroe Just Did Not Want To Give Khris Middleton A High-Five

Before the season began, the Milwaukee Bucks were primed for a breakout season with their young core of Jabari Parker, Giannis Anentokoumpno, Khris Middleton and the addition of Greg Monroe in free agency. Monroe was supposed to provide offensive stability for the young Bucks, but the fit has been awkward thus far. This team is a work in progress, but the learning curve this season has been more severe than they thought and frustrations have begun to mount even after Jason Kidd’s lineup change brought more on-court success than earlier in the year.

Last week, Monroe and Middleton got into a shouting match on the bench during a loss against the Celtics. This kind of bickering tends to happen on a team that’s 12th in the Eastern Conference with a 25-36 record. Just last season, they were playoff darlings on the rise. The dispute between Monroe and Middleton seemed to be a short-lived thing that happens between two highly competitive teammates.

However, Monroe still appears mad — at least in the clip above. Ignoring a teammate’s high-five may be nothing, but it doesn’t look like Monroe wants to go out for smoothies with Middleton anytime soon. This will be an interesting dynamic to watch as the Bucks wander aimlessly into lottery land, or somehow crack the top-eight in the East during a last-second sprint to the finish line of the season.

(Via Reddit)